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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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rr as we say goode bye to pope francis with the vice president joe biden and his wife jill. the wheels up for europe, ear told, probably early at this point. you're looking live at the scene. we can tell you just about 30 minutes or so, they rolled out the red carpet for him. the citizens have come out to show their love and support.
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laura is standing by live for us in philadelphia. this has been the last leg ot the six day trip for us. >> what a transition this has been for us for those of us who came from the united states and from the world. one of the things that really struck us here from the people we have been speaking to today, the people who stood in line for hours to be here for the open air mass. a lot of the folks today told me that they just wanted to hold on to this tangible moment in the air.
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moments ago, one of his closing thoughts bear fruit that will last generously and care for others that will endure and looking ahead one step further, if you can believe it, people here are already talking about booking their tickets to go to ireland in 2018. that is when the next world meet meeting of families will be.
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>> we're losing two things. we're losing pope francis to europe and we're also losing daylight. we're going to stay on this shot. much of the trip has been choreographed so that the media can get great shots. him leaving early really helped out the optics of all of this because we all got to see it happen. nothing gives you better cover than a little bit of dark blue in the sky to set that plane aside and make it pop in the middle of the screen. we're going to continue to watch for the pope. thank you very much. we've got a couple of people with me. former un ambassador to the vatican is joining us tonight.
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i want to bring you gentlemen both into the conversation. he is meeting we're told privately with joe biden. your thoughts? >> it's a fitting last action. president obama went to the airport to meet the pope when he arrived. the number two official in the country is seeing him off. i's perfectly appropriate. i'm sure that the vice president's tragic loss of his son will somehow be discussed during the private moments and i bet the pope has the right words of comfort. >> i'm curious, who's gathered at the top of the stairs and really waiting to say good-bye? i mentioned that inside that hangar, these are people with lots of smart phones and taking selfies and the pope is high fiving people. this is a different scene outside. >> you know, we have very remarkable staff with pope francis, believe it or not. >> i know him, too.
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>> and yeah, you have my dear friend who is the parish priest. work with me on social and economic justice issues. he headed up this whole thing here in the congregation of families. so let's give them credit, too, for preparing this trip here. very, very successful. you know, pope francis came to the united states to speak to the family the process, the american people fell in love with him. so this is what happened as a result of this very, very special visit to the united states. >> you know, i'm looking at social media right now. and cindy writes even though i didn't agree with everything the pope said i'm grateful that he came. i do love this pope. john, you were talking earlier in our coverage and it has not been very long. his schedule has sped up. but we were talking about how people just appreciated the
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positive messages. many of them didn't get too deep. >> i'm sure that's exactly what francis intended. his message has been just try to make things better. do you best. if you see somebody who needs help, try to help them, don't just walk past. you pointed out that it's getting dark but not quite yet and the pictures are still good. do not let darkness envelope you. keep hope. >> we are watching everyone gather. it's windy ex, and it's been a chillier fall day. this is philadelphia international airport and we are waiting for pope francis to finish his special meeting with vice president joe biden. we understand that he brought
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quite a few family members with him. and so, the moment might take a private turn. it won't be long. the pope's words out on the hangar were very short, very brief. he spent more time thanking people personally and taking pictures in the last little while than he did even speaking but his message was be prepared for the miracles of hope. that has been his message all week long. he put a fine point on it as he met with so many families there in philadelphia. >> he was expected to do, again, i think we mentioned once before, it might not be enough for some people but what this
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pope is saying i understand the terrible things happen and that the people, priests, that you were supposed to be able to trust turned into predators and that's not going to happen any more. he's already given pretty strong indication that he's a pope who wants to change things and if he can do the right kind of change in this, it will go a long way towards bringing people in the church that have lost faith in it. >> we are watching now at the center of your screen, people pull into place to receive the pope. we are going to break away for just a moment. but i do caution that his schedule has sped up. so if need be we will come right back. we will not miss this shot of pope francis and his last few moments here in america. stay close. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there.
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pope francis is getting ready to leave and it has not been very long. 860,000 people gathered, 83,000 inside. and then you went from there then you went fra there and there was a wider public that was allowed to go oout and watch. it's only been about an hour. his tick tok has been very quick. he went inside the hangar and said a few words. joe biden did not speak. we were given lots of conflicting schedules about how that was going to play out. but the private meeting is going on right now. what will happen after that is scheduled to be him getting on the plane there are all of those
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people that are there and some of them have suits on and some of them don't. some are carrying their smart phones and kids and everything else. you know he's probably going to -- i have to say probably. >> you called us the world's most successful blind date? >> it's not a political vision, it's a charitable vision. one of the things that struck me most significantly is don't think about the migrants as a group or the poor as a group. put a face on them. once you do, of course with anyone, you're more likely to
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take care of them. what happens for the pope. what does it look like? did they get together and debrief from the american visit? how does it work? what's normal? what's the protocol. >> i don't think he's going to leave the airport until he shakes hands with everybody there trr we will be there all night then. >> he looks more like an old boston politician than the leader of the roman catholic church. this is the type of person that we needed. love, cheering with the american people.
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as i said earlier, i don't know if political policies will be with this business, but a lot of hearts have been changed. a lot of people, particularly people who are homeless. the people that didn't expect they would be given this level of attention by pope francis, but that's who he is. that's why he came here. >> i think that eegs the feel. it seems to be. we are watching the motorcade pull into place. we have seen him do this so many
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times. we know for certain at some point he is going to get on that plane. >> at some point he better get on that plane. when he was delivering the last remarks in the hangar, he looked visibly fatigued. probably the first thing he will do is sink deep into his seat and say a little prayer. >> you were saying when we watched him walk up to the lek turn and make his last public speech in english a short time ago that he looked like he had had a journey that lasted six days and six lifetimes. >> you know, we have to remember he's 78 years old. he appears to be very durable and that's a great sign, but the hours and the days and the events do take a toll on you. anybody who has been on a papal journey knows that. >> all right. so vice president joe biden's motorcade has pulled up. >> i just wanted to say something.
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you're inspired by the emotion of the crowd. that's what gives hichl that second step that he has. you know, i remember when john paul ii got on the plane after his visit to the item. and the first thing he did was, he asked he asked the secretary to give him a briefing. i went up in the front seat of the plane and we talked for about 40 men nuts about the visit. so i'll bet he's on a high. he wants to know everything that happened. he is going to be happy with the news. because he not only is going to make -- made himself feel like he accomplished something, he's going to be told that he made the americans -- america feel proud of itself once again ch. >> the windows are down on the
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fiat. the arm is out. he's waving as he has for days, taking his victory lap around the tarmac. where is he going? he's going around the plane. we are told that front and center is fiat one as it has now been dubbed. is some members taking different roles in different cities. we got to meet some of them on friday outside of our set here at fox news channel. so each city has its version and its men and women in blue join along with it, too.
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it is a beautiful sight to see people gathered. they will exchange some public good-byes now we know that the biden family met privately. you might have a better idea. what are the official words for saying good-bye to the pope. >> he will express complete thanks to the holy father for the visit to the united states. this was a shot in the arm to the united states. we're all patriotic. we all have our country and want the best and we don't like to talk about our country negatively but you know what? we needed this one. he came at the right time.
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the right time to put this country back on the right moral tone. not necessarily as they say in politics or whatever, but the right moral tone. make us feel proud of our country. make us feel respected with the people around us the homeless, the needy. he reminded us, all americans, he reminded us of the special value we have as americans. >> he is talking with local clergy and some visiting saying good-bye. you see the security forces are pretty tight. we haven't seen that as much as we see it right there. that is a tight knit circle. >> if one group of people have had a rough five days it's been the security around there. there no malice on his part, he has ignored them and plunged into crowds and held on to
4:21 pm
babies and done everything that a security expert would say please don't do this. >> yeah. i don't know how you say no to the pope. i do think it was interesting how the security forces had to go out in the crowd. that is cully preferable to having the pope move, but it's been interesting because they were unfettered. they did it. the pope would motion and they would go out and get the child. >> a perfect picture of the american police and american security. you know, you hear about this happen across the country this is the shot in the arm that the men and women in blue needed. they did a master rerful job and they should be very, very proud.
4:22 pm
this is the most compelling assignment. this was a really compelling with all the preps around this. and to see how -- nobody wanted to say anything until this man is getting back on the airplane going back to the vatican. the security of the united states and the police in the united states and the secret service did one heck of a job and they should be congratulated. >> as my father would say, we salute them. it has been a big job. john, you're nodding. why? >> i think it's a great scene. there you see the vice president with a big smile on his face. he came a stranger and departs a friend. >> how about that? i'm seeing on social media that people wish they could have been a fly on the wall inside fiat
4:23 pm
one. a fun car ride to hear his own impression. i remember how wide eyed he was when he first arrived a few days ago. now as you say has become a friend as he says good-bye. shaking hands. we knew that this would take a few minutes and it is. >> he doesn't mind talking to people. look at all of the flashes going off. there used to be a time when you were with time magazine and you were covered the vatican. i think maybe the rules were enforced much more severely. the ambassador would know better than i.
4:24 pm
this pope has said take it easy, guys. i want to meet people. >> uh-huh. >> you can't make somebody other than what that person really is. i'm wondering whether or not he will come back to the united states tomorrow and announce his candidacy for president of the united states. i think he could win. >> you know, it is interesting that he spoke by camera only to our leadership on capital hill. but would you say that the hallmark of his visit was more or less politics? >> oh, i think he was aware keenly of the politics involved in what he was saying and the audience to whom he was saying it. i do think that as we said before, i think it was the moments that regular people with the children up in the harlem school where he just absolutely was having a wonderful time talking with them when they sang a song to him.
4:25 pm
>> we see the mayor there of philadelphia and we see many other dignitaries there. more suits than he was -- and i say that with all kindness in my heart. i'm a fan of the suit. but really more than you have seen really since he left new york or dc. he has just been with the people. he's walked that red carpet. we couldn't even see the red carpet. i'm going to lower my voice and let's watch. [ silence ]
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>> the door is saled. people are beginning to pull back. pope francis is on board. no doubt a few more words spoken inside that plane as he wraps up this trip. we are told his take off will be moment tearily. as soon as that door was sealed his trip is concluded. >> the crowd is leaving but americans will never forget francis or his visit.
4:30 pm
he spent more time with people. and that's exactly what he did and moments away from now that plane will have wheels up and they will be on their way to europe. ambassador, thank you for being with us. >> let's bring it back to the set with john moody. your final thoughts? >> you know, we have heard a lot about this man. we knew from the very moment that he was elected and came out on to the balcony that he was different. and hids message is be kind to
4:31 pm
each other. >> look at the pope in the window there. we knew that we would get a final shot. john, you are not surprised by this. he has to be aware, i'm sure his team tells him right? he knows, right? it's just like the small fiat. he's humbling sitting there. >> i owill be surprised if he doesn't take a selfie of himself in the plane. >> you did make an observation earlier and i speak to why. nearly what we thought we would be potentially looking at the scene. as you take a wider shot there, you will see it away from this toorks. there you go. this is really ticking along quickly. you mentioned this had to have been exhausting. i want to do this and this. the harlem trip that was added. everything takes a human toll on
4:32 pm
someone who obviously has that super natural type of blessing upon them to be able to do this. but even with that it's a lot. >> i think he's been turbo charged throughout this trip. it it's a gradual wearing down. and i don't want to make ideas about his age but he's 78 years old and it is certain to take a toll out of him. >> look, the pilot is waving now. can we take that shot, too? >> there is so much to take in right now. this is amazing. it is obviously dark outside. and if anybody would have told me that we would have been having these many close up moments, there was just a second ago a close up of the pilot who opened his window, too. and all of the people are still gathered. they pulled away from the plane.
4:33 pm
not the people in the cockpit. i wonder if the pope gives the same speech inside the plane. >> i think to command pope francis to put on his seat belt would be a real audacious act. he would say i'm always upright. >> there have been so many light moments with this visit here. and just so many smiles and so much joy that no matter where you have in your faith if you're catholic, if you're not. if you're churched or unchurched, whether you pray for him or send him well wishes, he wanted people to feel love and joy. >> his presence provided exactly that. there was not a mystical aura, but a human aura around him. the expressions on his face which are so sincere and loving
4:34 pm
and economical. he has been a perfect visitor and a perfect tonic for a country that received him here. >> you heard about the men and women in blue. it's been a rough summer and this certainly puts him front and center in a positive and loving way and gave many of us who got to see them in our city because the pope was here an opportunity to thank thm for their services. they had a big job while there. >> and they carried it out with perfection. >> and now he is on that plane, pope francis. and we are waiting momentarily to see if that plane will move. john, if it does in the next few minutes we will cover it but for right now, pope francis, i wonder -- i wonder what the word are like for him as he wraps up. what his anticipation was, what his expectations were. maybe we will hear. maybe he will write or speak about it.
4:35 pm
but he will come back. john, thank you for being here. >> great. >> good to see you. >> pope francis's landmark visit to america is now in the history book. here are some of his words of wisdom. >> for this time in your life can have but one purpose. to keep you consider give you a helping hand to get back on the right path. to give you a hand to help you rejoin society. always part of that effort. let us lift those up who washes our feet. he is the way, the truth and the light. he comes to save us from the one
4:36 pm
that says no one can change. >> and i leave you with a question. a question for each of you to answer because i said impatient, in my own home do we shout? or do we speak to each other in love and tenderness. >> and we break away from the comments to the plane on the move this is pope francis leaving american soil now. we saw him close up in the picture. some noticed what kind of water he was drinking because we couldn't miss it. we had a nice close up shot there.
4:37 pm
those wheels are going to lift as soon as that plane gets in the air and pope francis is on his way from american soil to europe i wonder what his thoughts will be. and so many of you have been sharing krour thoughts and images all over the internet and in interviews with local media wherever you might be. people left with their impressions whether it be universal love or a personal story because they are catholic or whatever it is. he gave an interfaith prayer session here at the 911 memorial when he was in new york city and representatives from all different faiths were there and left with their own impression. pope francis, the philadelphia international airport.
4:38 pm
i can't tell you in the last hour he spoke in english wanting to remind everybody of the blessings that we have in america and he challenged us to be generous. reminding us of the scripture. reminding us that sharing those gifts, that is what it's all about. i'm paraphrasing the pope. his biggest part here, the people that he met. those that didn't have titles and didn't drive fancy cars. the people who reminded him of where he started in argentina all those years ago as a little boy. and we're watching the scene as they pull the plane into place. it's interesting when you look
4:39 pm
at scenes like this and you know that in the coming days people will talk about their memories and impressions of seeing pope francis. i can also imagine what it's like for the families and people who are gathered on the tarmac because they're watching as we're watching as the enormous jet goes down the runway and gets ready to take off. and there is no sound really to take in this far away. just the sight of pope francis leaving. i can tell you as he heads home, the pope is already inspired many to get their kikts ready for their next gathering of families in the crowds have been
4:40 pm
loving and enormous at the same time. the plane on the move, let's watch this together.
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>> we are awaiting the pope to take off. it's such a different visual from the fiat one that he was in, the $20,000 small car that had its windows down. but now he's on that enormous plane and they're getting ready to take off from rome. we're going to pull away and
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get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ >> you could not have timed it better. pope francis, his trip to america in the history books. >> you hear the people clapping there in philly? a lot of well wishes.
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he said whatever you do, think of me. there you go. there is a lot of news being made today. that's part of it. there's also a lot of political news and you know what time it is. uh-huh. it's time for the political news hour. donald trump and dr. ben carson essentially tied for the republican nomination according to a new poll. the candidates earning 21 and 22% of the vote if the primary were held today. rubio and fiorina are tied for third and fourth. facebook and twitter and a former pollster for jimmy carter. tom and doug. we will get to the democratic side of that ticket in a minute. that's super interesting toor i.
4:48 pm
let's start with the republicans. dr. ben carson holding steady. >> a couple of things going on. first dr. carson made the controversial statement about not wanting or being very skeptical of a muslim president. clearly that has not hurt him. it's probably helped him. donald trump is holdi inin inint that poll. had been at 20 or 19. other polls showing him slightly ahead. still half the vote or slightly more is voting for pure political outsiders, harris. the only change to the insider primary that we talked about is, as you suggested, rubio at 11. >> what's happening for marco? >> he did well in the debate and trump has gone after him and he's responded. what we don't know is what's going to be the outcome of that.
4:49 pm
other people have not done well. this time he has really taken trump on. i think he's doing it. i think he is playing to the insider primary. he wants to be -- >> he was specific in the debate, though. >> he is a neo-con which puts him at odds. and kristy are fighting out for the esstapishment. >> you saw him quick. john boehner had not stepped up to the lek turn yet to say i quit. >> he has stopped going to the
4:50 pm
senate as he said because it's a useless place to go. trying to bone up on his outside. look, he has always been underperforming in his vote. in all of the polling he has been one of the top people in ratio of favorables to unfavorables. then he has a good debate and gets some of that. but he essentially, you've got the polls are all basically show ing and then everybody else. and that -- it goes to what doug said. whatever movement is taking place among these top candidates it is among the outsiders. it is people moving within that
4:51 pm
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alarming moments for republican candidate fiorina. take a look. >> that is a stage curtain apparatus collapsing around her. we are just getting this in as pictures. thankfully we're told nobody was hurt. we will bring it back to the fox news political insiders. real quickly, i wanted to talk about trump and ben carson. can't count him out. even with all the competition and the head winds that he might
4:55 pm
face because others are doing better, he's still on top. >> absolutely. you look at the bloom burg pole, he's got a seven or eight point lead. the wall street journal poll out today, others are going up and reports of his demise would be exaggerated. >> all of the people who said it couldn't be done, he's doing it. >> let's move to the other side and that was the hillary clinton portion of all of this. bernie sanders, you're not picking out the drapes but you might measure a chair. >> that's true. we're seeing in all of the polls is that, what i talked about in april originally is about the cancer that would start eating into the groups that is happening a lot faster. i thought we would look at december or january. it's not even the end of september. she's losing women, losing inside the democratic party with
4:56 pm
women and with younger voters. you start seeing the numbers go down. going up, she is lost in some of those polls. she is down in the low 40s, even in the 30s. it is clearly, and remember, i'm in new hampshire where she has been spending several million dollars in advertising and she's singeing like a rock. >> did you notice who was the last person to say good-bye to the pope? vice president biden and mrs. biden. he's the happiest non-candidate in the country. this guy is just waiting for hillary to die a death of a thousand e-mail cuffs. >> i was just a click insider. >> you would be. >> i would be. and let's just say there was a lot of concern. biden is doing the right thing waiting. it's not in vain.
4:57 pm
>> i need more political insiders. we're going to get it next sunday night. reeshuate you coming along. that's going to do it for us on fox report. more coming right up. have a great week. the principalu get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. gives you nexium level protection for frequent heartburn all day and all night. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection. new citracal pearls. dedelicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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